Shopping Scams

Online shopping brings convenience along with risks of getting scammed by fraudulent retailers. ScamGrader provides vital guidance by thoroughly evaluating shops and assigning scam likelihood grades from A to F. Check our shopping scam grades first before purchasing to avoid getting ripped off.

Our rigorous analysis examines key scam indicators like transparency of ownership, location history, reviews, return policy, advertised prices versus actual charges, and incidence of bait-and-switch tactics or knockoff goods. Any shady practices get flagged in our grades.

After exhaustive research, we publish easy-to-read shopping scam report cards you can use to compare retailers safely. Our grading scale runs from A for extremely unlikely to be a scam to F for definite scam. This allows you to separate the legitimate shops from sophisticated scams hiding behind slick ecommerce sites.

Some common shopping scams we help uncover include:

  • Knockoff merchandise marketed as name brands
  • Subscription traps after a free trial
  • Hidden fees or discrepancies in actual order charges
  • Refusal to issue refunds or respond to complaints

With online retail scams becoming more advanced, ScamGrader's shopping scam grades offer an essential scam detection service before you hand over your money. Our goal is to prevent you from wasting money on fraudulent sites or receiving counterfeit goods.

Let ScamGrader guide you when looking into new stores, hot product deals, marketplace sellers, wholesale suppliers, apparel sites, electronics retailers, and other ecommerce operations. Check our ratings first to ensure you shop safely from businesses we've vetted for scam factors. Don't learn the hard way.

Rely on ScamGrader's shopping scam grades to expose shady retailers and make informed purchasing decisions. Our rigorous evaluation serves as your first line of scam defense so you can focus on finding great deals without compromising security. Shop smarter with scam grades.

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