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is a scam
Scam Grade:
C Grade: This business has mixed feedback in scam report sources, including some concerning complaints and reviews. Proceed with caution and carefully research before engaging.

What’s the Background of is an online marketplace that connects families with caregivers, offering services like babysitting, senior care, pet care, and more. Established in 2006, it has become a large and well-known platform in the caregiving industry. However, it is crucial to examine the company’s credibility and determine if it could be considered a scam.

Upon investigation, we found that conducts background checks on its caregivers. The company offers various background checks, from basic to more comprehensive options. This demonstrates that takes safety and security seriously, as they actively provide information about their caregivers to protect clients.

Concerning its reputation, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A- rating. BBB ratings are based on assorted factors, including the number of customer complaints and the company’s ability to resolve them. It’s worth noting that the A- rating is a positive indicator of legitimacy, although there have been claims and complaints regarding various issues.

Some individuals label a scam due to their experiences with fraudulent activities related to job listings on the platform. However, scams can occur on various job board sites like Indeed and Craigslist; hence, it’s essential to be cautious regardless of the forum. is a legitimate company with a longstanding presence in the caregiving industry. They take safety measures by conducting background checks and maintaining an accredited status with the Better Business Bureau. Nevertheless, users should always exercise caution and vigilance to avoid scams and fraudulent activities when using any online marketplace.

Why Do People Think This a Scam?

We have encountered various complaints and negative reviews about, which has led some people to believe the platform might be a scam. We must investigate these stories to determine if is genuinely fraudulent or if these concerns arise from misunderstandings or isolated incidents.

One of the common issues we found in our investigation is related to credit card charges. Users have reported that charges their credit cards without authorization, making it difficult to cancel their subscriptions or obtain refunds. 1. Additionally, there have been instances where customers faced poor customer service when trying to resolve these charges, compounding their frustrations. 2.

We also discovered that some caregivers on experienced scams targeting them. For example, fraudulent checks were used in these scams, where a potential client would send a caregiver a statement with an overpayment and then ask for the excess amount to be returned, only for the initial inspection to bounce. 3. This type of fraud is not exclusive to and can be found on other job board sites, but it does contribute to the platform’s reputation. has taken some measures to improve its security and minimize fraud attempts. However, it remains essential for users to exercise caution and apply best practices when using the platform. For example, always verify the identity of potential clients, avoid sharing personal information, and be cautious when asked to perform financial transactions outside of’s platform.

It’s worth noting that while has been the subject of numerous complaints and negative reviews, it doesn’t necessarily mean the entire platform is fraudulent. We encourage users to stay vigilant and make informed decisions when using the service.

What Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

In our research, we have found a few controversies and lawsuits regarding In 2019, settled a consumer protection lawsuit for $1 million. The case claimed that the company misrepresented the extent of its background checks on caregivers and improperly auto-renewed user subscriptions.

Additionally, a class-action lawsuit was filed against in 2019, alleging that they made false and misleading statements about the adequacy of their safety procedures. The case claimed that the company failed to properly screen caregivers, harming the children and seniors they were hired to care for.

Scammers have also been known to target users on the platform, posing as potential caregivers or clients. is not responsible for these scams, but their occurrence raises user concerns. Thankfully, the platform has published a guide on recognizing and avoiding these scams to help protect its members.

Moreover, some reported cases of theft or abuse by caregivers have been found through Although these instances cannot be directly attributed to the company, they highlight the importance of thorough background checks and proper monitoring of users on the platform.

While has faced some lawsuits and controversies regarding its safety procedures and background checks, the platform itself is not a scam. However, users should be aware of potential dangers and take precautions when using the service.

What Did We Find in Our Research of

While researching, we found multiple sources that highlight potential scams. However, it’s important to stress that these scams are not directly affiliated with but scammers who may utilize the platform.

One of the main scam techniques we discovered involves fraudulent checks. According to, this scam frequently targets caregivers looking for jobs. A “potential client” reaches out to the caregiver with a job offer, but the situation quickly escalates into a complex check fraud scheme.

The reviews of are a mixed bag. Some people claim the platform is a scam, while others have had positive experiences. We found numerous complaints on Gig Hustlers, which could make users question the platform’s legitimacy. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that these complaints often pertain to isolated user experiences that may not represent the platform.

In terms of’s membership and premium services, negative reviews may also arise from issues related to billing practices. While some customers may find this problematic, it doesn’t necessarily mean the company itself is a scam.’s customer service is essential for resolving any disputes or difficulties users encounter.

Our internet research has allowed us to understand’s reputation comprehensively. We discovered a Reddit post where the user shared a suspicious experience involving an old account, but this account itself was not the sole factor contributing to the alleged scam.

Through our research, we have observed that while is a platform that aims to provide a valuable service for caregivers and families, it can be vulnerable to scam activities perpetrated by malicious actors, just like any other online platform. The best advice is always to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to so they can maintain a safe environment for their users.

What is the Scam Grade for

After thoroughly investigating, we have discovered various incidents and complaints related to the platform. While some users have reported issues with credit card charges, customer service, and potential fraudulent checks, it is essential to consider these aspects in determining the overall Scam Grade of the platform.

Although has been accused of having poor customer service and credit card-related issues, the platform holds a 2.96-star rating out of over 11,631 reviews on SiteJabber. Similarly, on Trustpilot, has received negative reviews from customers who have had difficulties canceling accounts or experiencing issues with the subscription model. Still, not every client considers to be a scam.

We consider each company’s positive and negative aspects before assigning a Scam Grade. In the case of, the reported incidents, while concerning, do not directly signify that the entire platform is a fraudulent operation.

Based on the information, our judgment leans towards assigning a Scam Grade of C for While the company has numerous issues regarding customer service and user experience, these concerns do not wholly validate scam accusations. However, users should carefully weigh their options when using this platform and remain vigilant for any signs of fraudulent activity.


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