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Discover our unbiased scam grades and reviews for an array of questionable products, services, and opportunities that don't neatly fit into any one category. At ScamGrader, we research and rate all types of potentially dubious offers to provide consumers with trustworthy scam assessments.

On this page, find our scam grades and detailed analyses for miscellaneous scams spanning many industries. Learn about fraudulent schemes, shady businesses, and risky propositions that can seem appealing but often fail to deliver. From fraudulent investments and money-making systems to dishonest influencers and predatory lending, our team thoroughly vets each offer to assign accurate scam grades.

Get the full low-down on grant cardone, an self-proclaimed entrepreneur who sells expensive courses, as well as other high-profile personalities peddling dubious money advice. We expose ticket resellers, travel sites, and other services seemingly offering deals that are too good to be true. Discover which online platforms for gaming, dating, and more may manipulate users.

Our investigators dig deep to reveal the likelihood of losing money or getting defrauded. We clearly explain each scam with pros, cons and bottom-line risk levels. Explore our ‘F’ grades for offers to truly avoid, along with our ‘A’ grades you can trust.

With new scams constantly emerging, our mission is to stay ahead of schemes aimed at exploiting unwary consumers. Bookmark this page as your go-to source for unfiltered scam assessments. And contact us if you come across a fishy offer to nominate for our researchers. Stay informed against online and offline scams with our ‘Other’ hub page.

is mrbeast a scam

Is MrBeast a Scam?

Delving into the world of Mr. Beast online? Get the full story in our analysis. Is Mr. Beast a scam or a genuine online sensation?

is colonial penn a scam

Is Colonial Penn a Scam?

Delving into Colonial Penn’s online services? Determine its trustworthiness in our review. Is Colonial Penn a scam or a reputable service?

is nelnet a scam

Is Nelnet a Scam?

Unravel the truth behind Nelnet’s online services. Is it a trusted platform or another scam? Join our thorough investigation. Scam or genuine?

is carshield a scam

Is CarShield a Scam?

Unraveling the truth: Is CarShield genuinely a scam? Dive into controversies, customer experiences, and our in-depth research findings.

is grant cardone a scam

Is Grant Cardone a Scam?

Is Grant Cardone a scam? Delve into the billionaire’s real estate ventures, “10x” ideology, and the controversies surrounding him. Learn more!

is care.com a scam

Is Care.com a Scam?

Is Care.com safe? Investigate Care.com scam worries in health & beauty. Trust your care choices. Discover the full insights here.

Is Hustlers University a scam

Is Hustler’s University a Scam?

As expert scam identifiers, we’ve come across various claims and opinions about Hustler’s University. Founded by Tristan Tate, this online business program has raised some eyebrows among copywriting and freelance professionals. With so many get-rich-quick schemes flooding the market, it’s no wonder people might question the legitimacy of Hustler’s University before investing their money and … Read more

Is Truthfinder a scam (2)

Is Truthfinder a Scam?

In our quest to uncover the truth about Truthfinder, we’ve seen a multitude of opinions and reviews. As expert scam identifiers, it’s our job to dig deep into the inner workings of companies to determine their legitimacy. So, let’s dive right into the findings on whether Truthfinder is a scam or not. Truthfinder is an … Read more