Is Writers Work a Scam?

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Writers Work promises a lucrative platform for freelancers, but with mixed reviews and concerns, is it a scam? Unravel the facts.

is writers work a scam
Scam Grade:
C Grade: This business has mixed feedback in scam report sources, including some concerning complaints and reviews. Proceed with caution and carefully research before engaging.

What’s The Background of Writers Work?

At Writers Work, their primary goal is to provide aspiring writers a platform to find freelance writing jobs and improve their writing skills. They offer various resources, such as training videos and project management tools. The company has been around for a few years and markets itself as a one-stop shop for writers looking to start their freelance careers.

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that accredits businesses based on their trustworthiness and legitimacy. The BBB does not accredit Writers Work, and some customers have filed complaints regarding their service, specifically related to product and service issues.

We noticed that Writers Work operates a referral program where current members can earn commissions by referring new members to their platform. This affiliate program encourages existing users to share their experiences and promote Writers Work services, potentially leading to more sign-ups.

Here are some critical points about Writers Work we gathered from different sources:

  1. It provides a platform for writers to find freelance Work
  2. Offers training and resources for writers to improve their skills
  3. Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with some customer complaints filed
  4. Has a referral program for members to earn commissions

Considering the given information, potential users must evaluate whether Writers Work is a legitimate option for freelancers based on their needs. As with any business opportunity or service, we encourage aspiring writers to research more about the company, read unbiased reviews, and weigh the advantages and drawbacks before committing.

Why Do People Think Writers Work is a Scam?

We have conducted thorough research on Writers Work and gathered information to determine why people think this company is a scam. We noticed several factors contributing to the skepticism surrounding the platform’s legitimacy.

One major issue that raised doubts was their website’s lack of contact information. People trust transparent platforms about their contact details, but Writers Work seems to fall short. This also adds to their refund policy issue, which makes it difficult for users to get their money back or contact customer support.

The deceptive advertising of the company also fueled suspicion. They claim freelance writers can earn $30 to $45 per hour without experience. However, many reviews and users pointed out that these earning expectations are exaggerated and misleading for beginners.

Some of the reasons why people question this company’s legitimacy include:

  • Misleading income projections
  • Lack of contact information
  • Difficulty in obtaining refunds

Furthermore, the platform has received several complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The complaints revolve around problems with products/services and dissatisfaction with the overall experience.

As opposed to being a traditional job board, Writers Work seems to focus more on offering additional features and upsells that might not always benefit their users – some people consider these unnecessary. This has raised other concerns and fed into the perception that Writers Work is more of a sales-driven platform than an invaluable resource for freelance writers.

We noticed mixed responses to Writers Work. Some users found it beneficial for creating portfolios and improving their online writing skills, while others expressed frustration with the platform’s misleading claims and lack of value for money.

Various factors contribute to the suspicions surrounding Writers Work, with the main concerns being deceptive advertising, lack of contact information, difficulty obtaining refunds, and a controversial reputation on social media and review websites.

What Writers Work Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

As we delve into the controversies surrounding Writer’s Work, it is essential to note that this platform claims to provide a one-stop solution for freelance writers seeking jobs, training materials, and document formatting tools.

One major controversy stems from their advertising methods. Many writers have found their advertising misleading, which has questioned their legitimacy. However, per the same source, it is essential to emphasize that Writers. Work is not an outright scam.

Another concern regarding this service is the difficulty some users have reported in obtaining refunds. Customers have lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which primarily revolve around problems with their products and services.

We examined more information in the freelance writing community to investigate the controversies around Writers’ Work further. A common issue free writers face, which might be relevant to our investigation, is scams that exploit writers by making them legally produce unpaid Work. However, we did not find direct evidence of Writers Work employing such scams.

In terms of comparing Writers Work to other job platforms:

  • Problogger is known for being a more streamlined job board with verified listings, while Upwork is a larger freelancer platform that covers various services, not just writing.
  • Writers Work offers project management tools, a text editor, and a grammar checker that might benefit writers.
  • Pricing is another aspect where Writers’ Work varies from other platforms. It charges a one-time fee, whereas platforms like Upwork work on a percentage-based model.

Writers Work’s controversies revolve around their advertising methods and refund issues. Their legitimacy is questioned, but they have not been conclusively identified as a fraudulent venture. The company certainly has its benefits and drawbacks, and it’s crucial for freelance writers to thoroughly evaluate the platform and decide whether it fits their specific needs and career goals.

What Did We Find In Our Research of Writers Work?

Our investigation into Writers’ Work revealed various opinions and reviews regarding its legitimacy. Some users claimed it to be a reliable platform for freelance writers, while others called it a scam.

The platform offers a variety of writing jobs and resources for freelance writers. However, some users stated that the job listings were nothing special and could have been found elsewhere. Writers Work also provides various tools and features, such as a dashboard, text editor, and social media support for freelancers. While the platform charges a one-time subscription fee to access these benefits, this fee is not refundable.

On the education side, Writers Work promises training materials and resources for beginners and experienced freelancers. The platform also has a freelance writing service, which is supposed to help writers land gigs in their niche.

Our research points to some concerning aspects, including:

  1. The platform’s Trustpilot rating is 2.4 stars, considered “poor.”
  2. Several complaints were filed against Writers Work, LLC on the Better Business Bureau website.
  3. Some reviewers reported difficulties contacting Writers Work for support issues.

Regarding alternatives, freelance writers have other options like Problogger, Upwork, and Indeed for more job postings and resources without a subscription fee. These platforms have well-established reputations and are considered reliable by the writing community.

It’s essential to weigh all factors and decide whether Writers Work is the right platform for you. Consider user experiences and research alternatives before committing to a single freelance writing platform.

What Is The Company’s Scam Grade for Writers Work?

We have carefully analyzed Writers Work as a platform to determine whether it deserves a scam grade. One of the aspects we examined is the company’s advertisements, which promise earnings of $30 to $45 per hour without any experience. However, it is impossible to guarantee such profits since they depend on individual clients and how much Work is available.

Writers Work is primarily an online job board with some training modules and essential tools. We found many freelancers who have tried the platform for job listings, but some have complained about the quality of these listings. Our research shows that the platform might not be worth it for beginners who are still learning the ropes of freelance writing.

Some of the features that Writers Work offers include education, project management, search filters, and document formatting editors. While these tools can be helpful, they are also available on other platforms, often with more extensive functionality.

There are a few red flags that we noted during our investigation. One of these is the lack of information about the founder and the company’s contact information. We also discovered numerous complaints about the platform, including misleading sales tactics, difficulty canceling subscriptions, and poor quality control among job postings.

The platform’s pricing structure ($47 for a lifetime membership or $15/month) raises further concerns, as it seems unusual for a job board to charge subscription fees. This is especially relevant since freelancers seeking job opportunities can often access similar resources for free on platforms like ProBlogger or job boards that offer filters and project management features without additional costs.

Based on our findings, some of the pros and cons of Writers Work are:


  • Offers training materials and resources for freelance writers
  • Provides job listings for various niches


  • Misleading advertisements with unrealistic earning promises
  • Numerous complaints and red flags surrounding the company’s legitimacy
  • Charges subscription fees, unlike most other job boards

Considering the information we’ve gathered, our scam grade for Writers Work is a C-. This grade suggests that while the platform may not be an outright scam, concerns about the company’s practices and the overall experience for freelancers warrant caution.

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