Is TicketsCenter a Scam?

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Considering Ticket Center for event bookings? Dive into our comprehensive investigation. Is Ticket Center a scam or the key to unforgettable experiences?

is ticketcenter a scam
Scam Grade:
C Grade: This business has mixed feedback in scam report sources, including some concerning complaints and reviews. Proceed with caution and carefully research before engaging.

What’s the Background of TicketsCenter? is an online ticket marketplace that offers customers quick access to sought-after tickets for various events. Upon investigating this website, we found some critical information about their business practices worth considering when determining whether they are legitimate.

Firstly, it’s essential to note that is a third-party reseller, meaning they are not an official box office or affiliated with any venues. While this doesn’t make a company a scam, it’s crucial to remember that they can often mark up the market value of tickets. Some customers have reported paying 300% over market value for tickets purchased through this site. This markup practice can mislead buyers, who may assume they are buying tickets directly from the venue.

When examining their online reputation, we came across some mixed reviews. On Trustpilot, has a low rating, with customers reporting issues related to the company’s customer service and misleading pricing practices. On the other hand, Sitejabber has a rating of 2.92 stars from 2,611 reviews, indicating that some customers are satisfied with their purchases.

To better understand’s standing in the business world, we looked at their profile with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While they have not received BBB accreditation, the BBB profile does offer important insights about their operating procedures. The BBB reminds consumers that is a third-party reseller, which means ticket prices will likely be above face value.

Here are some critical points about

  • They are a third-party reseller
  • Ticket prices can be significantly marked up compared to face value
  • Customer reviews are mixed, with some buyers expressing dissatisfaction
  • The Better Business Bureau does not accredit them

We strive to provide a thorough and objective analysis of companies like Based on the information gathered regarding their business practices, customer reviews, and BBB profile, our assessment leans towards caution when considering purchasing tickets through this website.

Why Do People Think TicketsCenter is a Scam?

We have collected data on TicketCenter to make a judgment call on its legitimacy. Here’s what we found:

  • Many customer reviews express dissatisfaction with their TicketCenter purchases, citing high prices, poor customer service, and issues with credit cards. This contributes to the overall perception of TicketCenter as a potentially fraudulent company.
  • TicketCenter has received several complaints from customers who believe the platform overcharged them or did not deliver the promised services.
  • Some customers even reported that they paid over 300% of the market value for their tickets, leading them to question the authenticity and integrity of the company.
  • Most people are lured into purchasing from TicketCenter due to its resemblance to official box offices. This may lead to confusion and mistrust when they realize they have been charged considerably more than expected.
  • Misleading pre-sale ticket prices dropping significantly close to the event has made customers feel cheated and deceived.

Our findings indicate several factors that contribute to the perception of TicketCenter as a scam:

  1. High ticket prices relative to face value
  2. Negative customer reviews and complaints
  3. Poor customer service
  4. Deceptive appearance and resemblance to official box offices
  5. Drastic pre-sale ticket price reductions

Given these factors, we advise potential buyers to be cautious when considering tickets from TicketCenter. Always research and verify ticket platforms’ legitimacy before making a purchase.

What TicketsCenter Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

In our search for information about Ticket Center, we came across some lawsuits and controversies that have surfaced around the company. In particular, the New York Attorney General announced an agreement with online ticket reseller website owner Internet Referral Services, which operates and

Some customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with Ticket Center, alleging that the company uses targeted Google ads to trick people into buying tickets from them. One Reddit post discussed a situation where a user bought two Lauryn Hill tickets for $280, only to find later that the exact keys were available for $62 each from the venue directly.

Another Reddit user shared their experience trying to dispute charges with Ticket Center. The post claimed the company was a scam, as they did not disclose that the seller would release the tickets later.

Here are some key controversies we found:

Additionally, we found Ripoff Report complaints filed against, with claims that the company sells non-transferrable tickets and does not provide refunds.

However, we couldn’t find any controversies or lawsuits related to Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, criminal enterprises, Utah Utes football games, or the Arizona Attorney General. It’s essential to ensure we are discussing the correct company, as some sources claim “TicketCenter” is a legitimate website, while “TicketsCenter” may be less trustworthy.

What Did We Find in Our Research of TicketsCenter?

In our quest to determine if Ticket Center is a scam, we analyzed various aspects such as reviews, service, sellers, events, and buyers’ purchasing experiences.

Firstly, we looked into customer reviews and experiences to check for red flags. We found complaints about undisclosed terms and conditions, such as tickets being released later. This act raises concerns as dishonest practices can make customers feel scammed.

Next, we examined the service provided by We encountered instances of people feeling scammed after purchasing tickets from the website. It seems that specific customers were misled, leading them to believe they had bought tickets reasonably, only to discover that they had paid a much higher fee.

We also explored the sellers and events offered on the website. Websites like Tickets Center must work with legitimate event organizers and provide genuine tickets. In our research, we found instances where customers questioned the legitimacy of after discovering that pre-sale tickets were being sold on the platform even before the official event organizers started selling them.

Moreover, we found mixed opinions about the legitimacy of While some claimed it to be a scam website, others shared that it is not a scam, but customers should remain cautious in their purchasing decisions. The website sells legitimate tickets, but other similar-sounding websites may not be as trustworthy.

Our findings include:

  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Concerns about undisclosed terms and conditions
  • Instances of customers feeling scammed with inflated ticket prices
  • Doubts about the website’s legitimacy due to early pre-sale ticket availability

These findings suggest that customers should exercise caution when purchasing tickets from and similar websites. Always verify the source and compare prices to ensure you are making an informed decision.

What Is The Company’s Scam Grade for TicketsCenter?

At first glance, one might have certain reservations about We diligently searched the internet for relevant information to determine the legitimacy of this company. Let’s discuss their scam grade based on the available data.

Looking at customer feedback on Sitejabber, Tickets-Center has a rating of 2.92 stars, which indicates that some customers are not satisfied with their experience. Common issues mentioned include:

  • Poor customer service
  • Credit card problems
  • Overpriced tickets compared to face value

However, it’s worth noting that some customers report having no issues with ticket purchases and express satisfaction with the company. Such mixed responses suggest various experiences, making it challenging to label Tickets-Center as a clear-cut scam.

The company also has a profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While there are some negative comments, the presence of a business profile adds a degree of credibility to Tickets-Center.

So, taking into account the various sources and information available, we would grade Tickets-Center as follows:

  • Customer Satisfaction: C
  • Transparency: C
  • BBB Profile: B

Ticket buyers must be vigilant when purchasing from secondary market websites like Tickets-Center. Buying tickets directly from the venue or official ticket seller is always best to avoid potential issues with resellers. As for, our scam grade assessment puts in a somewhat questionable area but not outright fraudulent. We advise exercising caution when dealing with this company.

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