Is Testerup a Scam?

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Is Testerup a legitimate platform for testing and earning? Dive into its background, user experiences, controversies, and our scam grade assessment. Protect your time and finances.

is testerup a scam
Scam Grade:
C Grade: This business has mixed feedback in scam report sources, including some concerning complaints and reviews. Proceed with caution and carefully research before engaging.

What’s The Background of Testerup?

We delved into the background of Testerup to provide an informed perspective on its legitimacy. Testerup, which formerly went by the name Testery, promotes itself as the largest platform in Germany for exploring apps and games. It’s an online user testing platform that allows users to earn money by testing games, digital products, apps, and websites. Aestimium GmbH is the company behind Testerup, and its user base comprises individuals at least 18 years old.

Through its platform, Testerup aims to assist companies in ensuring seamless product launches. They offer a variety of avenues for users to generate income online. Among the services provided by Testerup, users can expect to:

  • Test games from various genres
  • Evaluate new apps and mobile applications
  • Examine website functionality and design
  • Explore digital products and complete surveys

Notable German brands like Nivea and Barclaycard have reportedly partnered with Testerup, suggesting that the platform does have some credibility. The company claims that individuals can earn substantial sums, including up to $120 per test and over $800 for more than 50 offers when they first sign up.

However, some reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Scam Detector have raised red flags suggesting users should be cautious when engaging with Testerup.

In our search for the truth about Testerup, we have compiled vital information regarding its history and the services it offers. Our findings show the platform’s potential risks and benefits for users looking to make money by testing digital products.

Why Do People Think Testerup is a Scam?

We’ve noticed a trend of people questioning the legitimacy of Testerup. Let’s dive into why people might consider this company a scam.

Firstly, the earning potential advertised by Testerup seems almost too good to be true. They claim users can earn up to $120 per test by trying out new games and apps. However, users have reported difficulties in reaching the payment threshold. Some even feel that the games are designed to make it extremely hard to complete goals, resulting in a poor return on investment of time.

Moreover, when users reach the payout threshold, they often face challenges in receiving their earnings. People have shared their experiences with the platform, mentioning how the customer service is unresponsive or non-existent, leaving users frustrated and doubting the company’s legitimacy. In addition, users have found it hard to track their completed offers and missions on the platform, further increasing their suspicion.

In comparison to legitimate platforms like Mistplay, Dice Dreams, and Branded Surveys, Testerup falls short. Authentic paid survey platforms and gaming apps usually have the following characteristics:

  • Transparent earning potential
  • Reliable tracking of completed offers
  • Prompt and efficient payout process
  • Responsive customer service

Testerup, unfortunately, seems to lack most of these qualities. The number of complaints about the company also adds to the perception that it may not be entirely legitimate.

People think Testerup might be a scam for the following reasons:

  1. Unrealistic earning potential
  2. Inability to reach the payment threshold
  3. Difficulties in tracking completed offers and missions
  4. Poor customer service and unresponsiveness
  5. Comparison to legitimate alternatives

By evaluating these aspects of the company, it becomes clear why people might question the legitimacy of Testerup.

What Testerup Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

In our search for scams and fraudulent activities, we have encountered several controversies surrounding Testerup. Many users have expressed frustration and disappointment with the platform, citing difficulties in cashing out their rewards. While we found no lawsuits directly related to Testerup, numerous complaints and negative reviews raised red flags.

One of the common issues we’ve encountered during our investigation is the difficulty users face when trying to cash out. According to a source, many users have called Testerup a scam and claim it’s impossible to cash out their rewards. Our research reveals that these cases might be linked to the complex rules and regulations required to complete different offers.

Several controversies revolve around the following points:

  • Delayed or denied payments
  • Complicated rules and requirements
  • Not enough high-paying tasks
  • Difficulties in reaching the minimum cash-out threshold

Considering these factors is essential before deciding whether to invest your time and effort into a platform like Testerup. We have evaluated the legitimacy of the platform based on user complaints and controversies, and we believe that caution is warranted when dealing with Testerup.

What Did We Find In Our Research of Testerup?

During our research, we explored various sources to determine the legitimacy of Testerup. We started our investigation by analyzing Testerup reviews. We found that the platform claims to offer individuals opportunities to earn money online by testing apps, participating in surveys, and completing paid offers.

One source of valuable user feedback is Trustpilot. We discovered mixed opinions about the platform’s ease of use and effectiveness as we examined the user reviews on Trustpilot. Some users praised the simplicity of its interface, while others raised concerns about the app not tracking their game progress and lacking seamless communication with the publisher.

We delved deep into users’ experiences with various aspects of Testerup, such as testing apps, completing surveys, and earning real money. Our findings suggest the benefits and drawbacks of using the platform.


  1. Easy-to-understand rules and guidelines
  2. Diverse methods for earning money, such as testing apps and participating in surveys
  3. Free to sign up and use


  1. High minimum payout requirement ($70)
  2. Issues with game progress tracking
  3. Inadequate communication from the app publisher

Additionally, we studied opinions from the Testerup Reddit community, where individuals expressed mixed feelings about the platform. Some users cautioned against the app, while others had no complaints and enjoyed features like Match Masters.

Regarding finance management, we acknowledge that earning money through Testerup can boost one’s income. However, it’s essential to weigh the potential financial gains against the platform’s drawbacks and consider whether the benefits outweigh the associated risks.

Overall, our research offered various perspectives on Testerup, and we have gathered as much information as possible to present an accurate insight into the platform.

What Is The Company’s Scam Grade for Testerup?

Our extensive research and analysis show that Testerup is a user-testing platform offering multiple avenues for individuals to earn money online. Users can generate income by testing games, digital products, apps, and websites, helping companies ensure smooth product launches. Additionally, users can make money through referral offers and completing surveys source.

However, some concerns have been raised about the legitimacy of Testerup. Users have reported issues cashing out their earnings, and customer support is unresponsive. Therefore, it is important to remain cautious when using this platform.

To help convey our findings on Testerup, we have graded the platform based on a few factors:

  • Earning Potential: Testerup claims users can earn up to $120 per test. However, it’s crucial to remember that such earnings may not be readily achievable for everyone.
  • Ease of Use: The platform’s user-friendly interface allows even beginners to navigate it efficiently.
  • Customer Support: As mentioned earlier, there have been instances where users faced unresponsive customer support, which can be a red flag for potential users.

Considering these factors, we believe Testerup’s scam grade is a C. Although the platform offers legitimate earning opportunities, there are concerns regarding customer support and the ability to cash out. Thus, it is advised to proceed cautiously and manage expectations when using Testerup as an earning opportunity.

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