Is GetItFree a Scam?

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Eyeing 'GetItFree' for online deals? Dive into our comprehensive review. Is GetItFree a scam or a genuine goldmine for savers?

is getitfree a scam
Scam Grade:
D Grade: This business has numerous questionable scam reports that raise red flags about unethical practices. Most evidence points to a high scam risk that makes them hard to recommend.

What’s The Background of GetItFree?

GetItFree first came into existence in 2011 and has since been running a website ( that claims to provide free items, coupons, and deals to its users. Their online presence includes a Facebook page and a blog sharing various free offers and discounts. Despite being around for a while, limited information about the company’s background and ownership is available. Their contact is provided through a PO Box, making it difficult to ascertain their location.

The website’s registrar is also unknown, raising questions about the site’s legitimacy. When visiting, we found several offer categories: free samples, contests, coupons, and discounts. However, users have had mixed experiences with the website. Some users report not receiving the promised free items and being bombarded with spam emails and texts, as seen in Trustpilot reviews.

Our investigation found a few points worth noting:

  1. The website has been around since 2011, so it’s not a new or fly-by-night operation.
  2. They have a consistent presence on social media platforms like Facebook.
  3. There is limited information about the ownership and actual location of the company.
  4. Some users have complained about not receiving free items and being inundated with spam.

We are careful about making a judgment call on whether a company is a scam. In the case of GetItFree, while there are some concerns about their background, there isn’t enough information to definitively conclude that they are operating a scam. However, we advise caution when interacting with this website and providing personal information.

Why Do People Think GetItFree is a Scam?

People have expressed concerns about, questioning its legitimacy for several reasons. Let us explore these reasons and give some insight into why some individuals label it as a scam.

Firstly, one of the most common complaints about is the overwhelming amount of unwanted emails and text messages received after signing up for their services. Users report receiving unsolicited spam emails filled with marketing and promotional content in their inboxes. This type of spam can be bothersome and time-consuming to manage, leading to customer frustration. You can find one such complaint made at the Better Business Bureau® Profile of the company.

Another factor contributing to the perception of as a scam is the negative customer reviews across various platforms. For example, on Trustpilot, a study describes the site as a “total scam” and warns users against providing their information. These negative reviews cause potential customers to be skeptical about the company’s legitimacy and the perceived value of their services.

Phishing is also a concern for those who are worried about scams. Scammers try to manipulate users into providing their personal information like passwords, account numbers, and Social Security numbers through sophisticated techniques by mimicking a trustworthy company or service, as explained by the Consumer Advice from the Federal Trade Commission. While this might not be directly related to, the association with spam emails and unwanted text messages often raises suspicion and makes the connection to potential phishing attempts.

The company’s connection with these issues has led to a perception that it might be a scam. To address these concerns, it is essential for potential users to:

  1. Research the company, including reviews from different sources.
  2. Understand the terms and conditions before signing up.
  3. Use caution when providing personal information online.
  4. Take advantage of tools and applications to help identify spam and phishing emails.

By following these guidelines, customers can decide whether to trust or look for alternative freebie sites with a better reputation for providing legitimate services. Remember that when looking for free stuff online, it’s best to be cautious and research before diving in.

What GetItFree Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

We have come across several negative reviews and complaints about Many users claim they never receive the promised free items, while others say they have tons of spam emails and phishing attempts. Trustpilot reviews reveal customers’ dissatisfaction, with some referring to it as a “scam” due to unwanted spam emails and a lack of free items.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), has resolved some complaints related to advertising and sales issues. However, this doesn’t provide a comprehensive view of their performance and accountability.

The website’s sharing personal information with third parties contributes to users’ concerns. does claim to offer free stuff, coupons, and deals, but it is essential to be cautious when providing personal information to any website that promises freebies. Several reviews on ComplaintsBoard show users accusing the site of “making them work for nothing” when completing several surveys without receiving any free items.

Some of the major concerns users have highlighted include:

  • Difficulty unsubscribing from email lists
  • The influx of spam emails, texts, and cold calls
  • Sharing personal information with third parties
  • Requiring users to register for each freebie individually

Despite these issues, some users claim to have received free items from the website. This mixed feedback leads to uncertainty about the legitimacy of the website’s offerings.

While there are no known lawsuits or formal accusations against, users must remain cautious with their personal information and consider the risks before engaging with this website.

What Did We Find In Our Research of GetItFree?

Our research found several reviews and resources about whether GetItFree is a scam or a legitimate website. To start, we examined the Trustpilot reviews of the website. Here’s what we found:

  • Numerous 1-star reviews
  • Some customers claimed they never received any freebies or samples
  • Complaints of increased spam and junk mail after signing up

However, there were also a few positive reviews from users who claimed they received complimentary samples and discounts through the website. It’s worth noting that Trustpilot user experiences varied, so this should not be taken as definitive proof of the website’s legitimacy.

Next, we checked out MoneyPantry’s analysis, where they discussed the website’s background and the types of offers available. GetItFree appeared to be a hub for various deals, coupons, sweepstakes, and freebies, which means it serves as a platform hosting third-party offers rather than providing the values directly.

Our research also found some complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile for GetItFree. Users claimed that they encountered issues with the following:

  1. Unwanted emails and difficulty unsubscribing
  2. Not receiving the promised samples and freebies

It’s important to note that is a gateway directing users to third-party websites. For example, one Lotto Exposed review stated that users are often taken to another site, where they have to register, complete surveys, or jump through other hoops. This means that the website may not directly scam users, but rather, it operates as a lead generator by collecting user information and directing them to other sites.

Considering all these findings in our research, we cannot definitively say that GetItFree is entirely a scam, but some red flags that may deter potential users have been raised. It is essential to be cautious with any website that requires personal information and read reviews and guidelines before investing time and effort into freebies and offers.

What Is The Company’s Scam Grade for GetItFree?

At first glance, GetItFree appears to be a site offering various freebies and samples to users willing to endorse their products or services. Their range of offerings spans from gift cards to household items. However, upon digging deeper, some concerns surfaced regarding the legitimacy of this company.

One major red flag we’ve discovered regarding GetItFree’s operations is their lackluster Trustpilot reviews. Multiple users have reported receiving endless junk mail, phishing attempts, cold calls, and even spam texts after submitting their email addresses to the site. Furthermore, these dissatisfied users have claimed they never received any promised free offers. Transparency is a big concern here – users have reported difficulties attempting to unsubscribe from their email lists and intrusive social media presence.

Another troubling aspect of GetItFree’s business model is its redirecting users to external websites to redeem promised prizes. In some cases, users have even been asked to provide sensitive information, such as credit card details, to participate in supposedly “free” offers. One notable example includes a Red Lobster free offer that, upon further investigation, required several hoops to jump through, including surveys and registrations, before any reward was received.

Looking deeper into GetItFree’s services, we’ve identified some key points to consider when determining their scam grade:

  • Poor Trustpilot reviews and dissatisfied customers
  • Lack of transparency and difficulty to unsubscribe
  • Users being redirected to external sites for prize redemption
  • Requests for sensitive information from users

Considering all these factors, GetItFree seems to lean more on the deceptive side than on legitimacy. Thus, we assign GetItFree a Scam Grade of D. This grade signifies our belief that users should approach GetItFree with caution and skepticism.

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