Online Service Scams

The internet offers endless convenient services, but many fraudulent businesses also thrive online. ScamGrader provides clarity by thoroughly evaluating online service companies and assigning scam likelihood grades from A to F. Check our online service scam grades before engaging to avoid getting ripped off.

Our rigorous analysis examines factors like transparency, reputation, quality of service, and predatory practices to grade companies on how likely they are to scam customers. We research each online service's history, ownership, location, and reviews. Any shady activity gets flagged in our grading. After careful scrutiny, we publish easy-to-read scam report cards so you can compare options.

With ScamGrader's scam ratings, you can separate the trustworthy services from sophisticated scams pretending legitimacy. Our grading scale runs from A for extremely unlikely to be a scam, to F for definite scam. Empower yourself to identify fraudulent online services in categories like:

  • Financial services - banks, brokers, lending
  • Technical support - computer repair, data recovery
  • Shopping services - resellers, mystery boxes, dropshipping
  • Travel services - booking, rentals, timeshares
  • Education services - skills training, certifications
  • Business services - marketing, web services, coaching

Common online service scams include identity theft, charging for free services, bait-and-switch pricing, failure to deliver promised services, and refusing refunds. ScamGrader helps you avoid the devastation of these frauds. Our goal is to prevent your money, identity, and data from falling into the wrong hands.

With so many online options, ScamGrader scam grades help you spend wisely and minimize risk. Check our ratings before purchasing courses, software, travel packages, investment advice, tech repairs, and other online services. Our rigorous evaluation provides vital scam detection so you can make informed decisions and engage safely with legitimate businesses. Don't get scammed; rely on ScamGrader's online service grades.

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