Health/Beauty Scams

With the rise of online shopping, it can be hard to know which health and beauty companies are legitimate or scams that will take your money and run. That's where ScamGrader comes in. We thoroughly evaluate health and beauty businesses to assign scam likelihood grades from A to F. These grades allow you to make informed decisions and avoid getting duped by fraudulent companies.

Our team digs deep into every business we grade. We look at factors like how long they've been around, transparency of ownership and location, quality of products and services, and reviews from experts and past customers. Shady practices like fake reviews, bait-and-switch pricing, and refusal to back products trigger red flags.

After careful analysis, we publish easy-to-read health and beauty scam report cards here so you can compare companies side-by-side. Our grading scale runs from A for extremely unlikely to be a scam, to F for definite scam. This empowers you to weigh options wisely and only engage with legitimate businesses you can trust.

Some common health and beauty industry scams we help uncover include:

  • Subscription traps that auto-bill you every month after a "free trial"
  • Knock-off products posing as name brands
  • Sketchy diet pills making unbelievable claims
  • Clinics offering procedures dangerous for untrained staff
  • Companies selling expired or counterfeit cosmetics

With counterfeits and false claims running rampant online, ScamGrader's health and beauty scam grades provide clarity. Our goal is to prevent you from wasting money or jeopardizing your health. Next time you shop for supplements, cosmetics, clinics, or other wellness products and services, check their ScamGrader grade first. Our rigorous evaluation makes that small effort worth avoiding potentially devastating scams.

Empower yourself as a smart consumer with ScamGrader's health and beauty scam grades. Make purchases you can feel good about from businesses we've vetted. And steer clear of shady operations hiding behind slick websites – we'll expose their scam factors so you don't learn the hard way. Don't get burned by health and beauty scams; our scam gradings help you make purchases safely.

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