Is Keto Blast Gummies a Scam?

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Uncover the truth behind Keto Blast Gummies. Are they a genuine health product or a scam? Dive deep into our revealing investigation.

is keto blast gummies a scam
Scam Grade:
F Grade: This business is a confirmed scam according to our methodology, with overwhelming negative evidence and scam reports. Consumers should avoid doing business with them at all costs.

What’s The Background of Keto Blast Gummies?

Our investigations of Keto Blast Gummies have uncovered numerous red flags. To begin, Keto Blast has a history of complaints filed against it with the Better Business Bureau. Their business practices have been widely scrutinized in online forums, with consumers falling victim to expensive and unwanted subscription programs that are difficult to cancel. One example on Reddit illustrates the story of a user whose mother was charged $198 monthly.

We must also consider their advertising tactics. Keto Blast has been flagged for using fake celebrity endorsements, specifically involving Oprah, Alex Trebek, and Facebook. Misleading advertising compromises the company’s credibility and raises concerns about its ethical behavior. Additionally, the company’s appearance on Shark Tank and its claimed promotional partnership with Lori Greiner had not been verified, which casts further doubt on its legitimacy.

Three essential aspects of our investigation are:

  1. The numerous complaints against Keto Blast
  2. The use of fake celebrity endorsements
  3. The unverified connections with Shark Tank and Lori Greiner

Another alarming aspect reported by Trend Micro News is the discovery of phishing text messages linked to Keto Blast. This type of scam targets customers to extract their sensitive information and emphasizes the risks associated with engaging with this company.

Lastly, the price of Keto Blast Gummies appears to be relatively high compared to other keto supplements on the market, coupled with mixed reviews, as mentioned in The Keto Eater.

Overall, we have dissected the background of this company by untangling its web of questionable practices and advertising ethics. Our investigation has led us to believe that Keto Blast Gummies may be a scam deserving a critical eye before consumer engagement.

Why Do People Think Keto Blast Gummies is a Scam?

Upon our research, we have found several indicators that raise suspicions about Keto Blast Gummies. Here are the primary concerns that lead people to believe this company might be a scam:

1. Phishing Text Messages

One major issue is that consumers reported receiving SMS text messages containing phishing links related to Keto Blast Gummies. The scammers exploit unsuspecting potential customers’ interests in these supplements to steal their personal information.

2. False Advertising and Misleading Claims

Another red flag is the deceptive marketing tactics used by fraudulent Keto Gummy sellers. They may make extravagant claims about their keto gummies, such as promising rapid weight loss or miraculous health benefits. These tactics prey on customers’ desires to achieve fast and significant results.

3. Unresolved Complaints on Better Business Bureau

We found that there have been unresolved complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile associated with Keto Blast. One complainant claimed the company took money from their card without an actual order placed, which happened more than once. The complaints also raised billing and collection issues, showing signs of unclear or unethical business practices.

4. Negative Reviews and Testimonials

In our search, we encountered Reddit threads where users warn others about Keto Blast Gummies, stating they are a scam. Users expressed dissatisfaction with the product or the company’s practices, further contributing to the distrust around Keto Blast.

Some warning signs to look out for when trying to identify Keto Blast Gummies scams include:

  • Unsolicited text messages with phishing links
  • Unsupported, miraculous product claims
  • Unresolved complaints on Better Business Bureau
  • Negative customer testimonials and reviews

We pay close attention to these factors and urge our readers to exercise caution when encountering Keto Blast Gummies or similar products.

What Keto Blast Gummies Controversies or Lawsuits Exist, if Any?

We have discovered several controversies and red flags about Keto Blast Gummies that might suggest it could be a scam. These include multiple complaints about the product and the company. Below are some of the critical issues we found.

  • Unauthorized Transactions: Instances were reported where the company charged consumers’ cards for the product even when a purchase was not made. This issue can be found in a Better Business Bureau complaint dated 07/02/2023.
  • Deceptive Marketing: Keto Blast Gummies has been accused of locking customers into a monthly subscription that costs $198 without their prior knowledge. This issue was highlighted in a Reddit post warning others of the scam.
  • Phishing Links in Text Messages: According to Trend Micro News, Keto Blast Gummies advertisements were shown to contain phishing links in SMS text messages, misleading consumers to click on these links.

We also found that the company uses a range of tactics to lure innocent buyers and sell their product to unsuspecting users:

  1. False Advertising and Misleading Claims
  2. Promising rapid weight loss
  3. Unsubstantiated health benefits

As experienced scam identifiers, we have used various sources to collect information on Keto Blast Gummies and their practices. Based on our research, we advise readers to consider using this product to approach it with caution and skepticism.

What Did We Find In Our Research of Keto Blast Gummies?

During our research, we discovered various sources that raised concerns about the legitimacy of Keto Blast Gummies. According to a USA Today fact-check, the claim that Shark Tank judges endorsed these gummies is false. Additionally, a Reddit post cites an individual’s experience where their mother was locked into a subscription at $198 per month.

We also came across an article by Trend Micro News that highlighted the prevalence of scams related to the keto diet and CBD gummy supplements, specifically Keto Blast Gummies. Such scams may employ fishy tactics like text messages containing phishing links.

To better understand the potential scam, let’s take a look at some elements of the Keto Blast Gummies product:

  1. Claims about the keto diet and ketosis: Keto Blast Gummies supposedly promote a state of ketosis, where the body burns fat for energy instead of glucose. However, achieving ketosis naturally requires a balanced, high-fat, low-carb diet rather than simply taking a dietary supplement.
  2. BHB (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) content: Keto Blast Gummies may contain BHB, which helps maintain ketosis. Despite this, it’s important to remain skeptical of their effectiveness without proper evidence.
  3. Promises of rapid weight loss: These gummies claim to guarantee weight loss. We advise caution with such claims, as weight loss requires a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Moreover, we analyzed various aspects that may be indicative of a scam:

  • False advertising and misleading claims include unfounded endorsements and impossible health benefits.
  • Difficulties in canceling subscriptions or reaching customer support, as highlighted in a BBB complaint.

Our research findings point to several red flags surrounding Keto Blast Gummies.

What Is The Company’s Scam Grade for Keto Blast Gummies?

We’ve looked into the legitimacy of Keto Blast Gummies, and here’s what we’ve found:

  1. False Advertising and Misleading Claims: Some fraudulent keto gummy sellers make extravagant claims about their products, such as rapid weight loss or miraculous health benefits.
  2. Subscription Traps: Customers have complained that Keto Blast Gummies locked them into a subscription that renewed at an alarming rate of $198 per month. People have experienced difficulty in canceling these subscriptions.
  3. Phishing Links: Trend Micro News reported that consumers receive SMS text messages containing phishing links advertising Keto Blast Gummies as a supplement that aids weight loss by promoting a ketogenic, fat-burning environment.
  4. BBB Complaints: The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received several complaints about billing and collection issues with Keto Blast Gummies. In some cases, the BBB was unable to locate the business.

Based on our findings, here’s a breakdown of Keto Blast Gummies’ scam indicators:

  • False Advertising: Yes
  • Misleading Claims: Yes
  • Subscription Traps: Yes
  • Phishing Links: Yes
  • BBB Complaints: Yes

Given the information above, our scam grade for Keto Blast Gummies is F. We advise potential buyers to be cautious if considering this product and to evaluate alternative options within the keto diet pill market closely.

is keto blast gummies a scam
Scam Grade: F

Uncover the truth behind Keto Blast Gummies. Are they a genuine health product or a scam? Dive deep into our revealing investigation.

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