Gaming Scams

The gaming world offers endless entertainment options, but it also harbors sophisticated scams ready to swindle unaware gamers. ScamGrader provides vital guidance by thoroughly vetting gaming companies and assigning scam likelihood grades from A to F. Check our gaming scam grades first to avoid getting ripped off.

We dig deep into major factors that indicate scam potential, including the gaming company's transparency, security practices, pricing models, incidence of hacking, and prevalence of dishonest advertising or rigged games. Our analysis examines ownership, location history, developer reputation, and past issues. Reviews from cybersecurity experts and players provide insight.

After exhaustive research, we publish easy-to-read gaming scam report cards you can use to compare options safely. Our grading scale runs from A for extremely unlikely to be a scam to F for definite scam. This allows you to distinguish trustworthy gaming companies from those running shady operations behind the scenes.

  • Some common gaming scams we expose include:
  • Rigged or fake games designed to siphon money
  • Predatory in-game purchasing designed to maximize spending
  • Malware or viruses disguised as cheat software or mods
  • Phishing scams to steal account info and assets

With advanced manipulation tactics being used, ScamGrader's gaming scam grades offer an essential scam detection service. Our goal is to prevent you from losing money or having your device compromised. Check our ratings first when looking into new games, studios, services, communities, marketplaces, or hardware.

The gaming industry can be a minefield of scams, so let ScamGrader guide you. Our rigorous evaluation serves as your first line of defense against frauds lurking behind the fun. Game safely knowing we've vetted companies for scam factors so you can avoid devastating pitfalls. Rely on ScamGrader's gaming scam grades.

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