Dating Scams

Dating online comes with risks like identity theft and romance scams. That's why ScamGrader thoroughly vets dating sites and apps to assign scam likelihood grades from A to F. Check our dating scam grades before joining a site or app to avoid heartbreak and financial devastation.

Our rigorous analysis examines key indicators of scam potential, including the dating platform's transparency, security practices, pricing structure, and incidence of fake profiles and scammers. We research ownership, location, longevity, and reputation. Reviews from cybersecurity firms and past users provide insight. Any shady activity gets flagged in our grades.

After careful scrutiny, we publish easy-to-read dating scam report cards so you can compare your options safely. Our grading scale runs from A for extremely unlikely to be a scam to F for definite scam. This empowers you to separate legitimate dating platforms from sophisticated romance scams.

Some common dating scams we help uncover include:

  • Fake profiles used to lure victims into emotional intimacy and investment scams
  • Phishing scams to steal personal and financial information
  • Bait-and-switch subscription pricing
  • Blackmail using private photos or information

ScamGrader's dating scam grades provide vital guidance in an unsafe landscape. Our goal is to prevent your heart and money from ending up in the wrong hands. We dig into each platform's scam factors so you don't have to learn the hard way.

Finding love online requires extra vigilance. Let ScamGrader do the diligence for you. Check our ratings before joining matchmaking, swipe apps, niche platforms, video chat sites, and international match services. Our rigorous evaluation serves as your scam detection so you can focus on finding meaningful connections without compromising safety. Don't become another statistic; rely on ScamGrader's dating scam grades.

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