About ScamGrader

At ScamGrader, our mission is to empower consumers by consolidating scam reports into simple grades. Navigating claims about scams and shady business practices can be overwhelming and time consuming. Information is scattered across the web in news articles, blog posts, consumer reports, and reviews. We founded ScamGrader to organize this data so you can instantly gauge if a company is trustworthy or suspicious.

We have a number of processes and systems that scan thousands of sources and evaluates reported behaviors according to our rigorous methodology. We assign letter grades from A to F that summarize the available information in an easy to digest format.

Our Grades Defined

The company is not a scam, you’re good to go!
The company is probably fine and not a scam.
The company is might be a scam, tread carefully.
The company is most likely a scam, you should avoid.
The company is a 100% a scam, you should avoid.

We take accuracy and fairness seriously. Our system assesses the evidence objectively based on metrics like transparency, customer complaints, legal actions, and patterns of unethical practices. If a business disputes our findings, we welcome thoughtful feedback and will promptly re-review our grade.

ScamGrader is run by a small but mighty team based in Virginia, USA. For any issues, concerns, comments or feedback, please email us at contact@scamgrader.com.

Empowering consumers drives our committed team. Our founders have deep experience in consumer advocacy, data science, and investigative journalism. We are proud that ScamGrader has helped people across the globe evaluate risks and find trustworthy companies. But our work is far from over in the fight against scams.

We believe everyone deserves honest information and fair treatment from businesses. Our vision is a world where no consumer becomes the victim of deceptive schemes. We hope you will join us on our mission and contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns. Let’s create an informed community and make smart decisions together!